Strengthening Financial Pillar Training

Strengthening Financial Pillar ‘SFP’ workshop was organized by CGDC in RT Hyderabad from 6th to 7th February 2015. The workshop aim was to build the capacity of finance managers and officers on Risk Management, Compliance, Budget v/s Actual Reports and preparing financial forecasts and budgets. 12 participants from 8 NGOs participated in the workshop.


Financial Decision making for CEOs and Senior Managers

FD workshop was organized on 20th March 2015 in RT Hyderabad. The workshop covered Smart Variance Analysis, Fraud Management and Safeguarding assets in the workshop. 9 participants from different NGOs participated in the workshop. Workshop was facilitated by Nishwan Walter.


Effective Procurement Skills Workshop

The procurement workshop was held on 31st October 2015 in SSEWA-Pak Mirpurkhas and 14 participants from 4 INGOs and 3 NGOs attended. Mainly covered; Procurement Cycle, Best Practices and PPRA rules. Mr. Yaseen Shiekh was the lead facilitator. At the end of workshop CGDC was requested by all participants to continue announcing procurement related trainings and organize quarterly coordination meetings of procurement staff working in different NGOs in south and north Sindh.    

Upcoming Trainings in 2016

Project Management

Security Management

SDG’s Introductory Session

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